High quality instructors
“Yes, you win!”
Deliver a high
quality product
Get video shooting
Earn money
for years
Increase your
market value
Procuretrain is the place for procurement experts who are interested in increasing their market value in a global community. This is mainly achieved by sharing some of your expertise in a high quality format such as 20min video. But why should you do this? Simply because it’s a win-win-win situation with no real downsides! The increase of your market value can be easily leveraged for all kind of career purposes. Beside this, you also have the opportunity to generate a steady income stream for years. And you have absolutely no cost or other risk on your side, because Procuretrain subsidizes the video production and does all editing work for you.
High quality products
“Yes, we help!”
Just select your
prefered topic
Only 20 min per video
or learning unit
Video & voice
format only
No editing work
on your side
In order to allow you to focusing on the delivery of a high quality teaching session, Procuretrain gives as much guidance and support as possible to its instructors. This includes things such as an upfront phone call with one member of Procuretrain’s management team to clarify all details and open issues. Furthermore, Procuretrain has associated video studios where the videos can be produced in the required quality, if you don’t have your own equipment at home. And last but not least: You provide us with the video or other format, and we do all the time-consuming editing on our side!
High quality team
“Yes, you earn!”
Your time and your expertise is from a high value, in general and especially for Procuretrain members. And we don’t expect that you provide all your knowledge for free, not at all. Procuretrain aims to become one steady source of income for you, in terms of tangible as well as intangible value streams. From a tangible, i.e. monetary perspective Procuretrain offers you two options from which you can choose from according to your preferences.
Money-in-the-pocket option
  • One-time payment of a fixed amount
  • ROI: Up to 250 GBP/hour
  • Special offer: 9% guaranteed interest rate when invoicing us 9 months later
Earn-based-on-selection option
  • No upfront payment for content/video
  • ROI: Up to 500 GBP/hour or more depending on number of users
  • Steady income stream over many years possible